Monday, December 22, 2008

Random tidbits from the last weekend of my first quarter-century

I managed to attend 2 parties and throw one of my own this weekend, which was quite successful, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures, so I will just have to take pictures of the decorations later and pretend that people are also in the pictures. Also, boyfriend bought a buttercream frosting-ed birthday cake, but apparently they forgot all ingredients in the frosting except for the butter, so it wasn't too tasty - good effort though.

My neighbor's dog has taken a liking to sneaking in my apartment, which I don't mind at all, because Zoey is an adorable white fluffy dog. The first time she did it though, it scared the crap out of me, though. If my door isn't locked, sometimes it will just randomly open by itself, as the hallway can be quite drafty, and so it did this one day while I was cleaning the kitchen, and I happened to catch movement in the living room out of the corner of my eye, and I about had a heart attack, until I realized it was Zoey. On Saturday, she managed to get into my apartment twice, and I heard her snuffling around outside the door on Sunday morning, so apparently I'm her new favorite neighbor.

My hair froze on the way to the Metro this morning. It's really, really cold outside, and for some reason I've stopped wearing my hat, which is a very stupid idea. I've also started to zip up my coat for pretty much the first time in my life. I guess I really am growing up. As a child, I liked to rebel against weather, and I would never zip up my coat or wear gloves. My mom always told me my hands would be all wrinkly and red when I grew up, and it's true. Now I'm a wimp, so I wear my gloves everywhere, but it's too late to save them, they are definitely wrinkly and red.

I was going to work tomorrow, on my birthday, for the first time in my life, as I've always been in school and on vacation then, or I've taken the day off to travel home. I'm not leaving for home until the 24th though, because the tickets were the cheapest then and I have barely any vacation. I have decided to screw saving up vacation though, and just enjoy myself. So I'm going to be a tourist tomorrow and just go to museums and take pictures around the Mall. Well, that, and do laundry and pack.

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