Monday, January 5, 2009

Logan Circle

So a long time ago, last summer to be exact, boyfriend and I went on a walking tour of my neighborhood, Logan Circle. It wasn't exactly thrilling, except I did learn a couple of interesting tidbits, such as back when the circle was in the boonies outside of Washington, during the Revolutionary war, it was where AWOL soldiers were executed, and in the '80s it was full of crackhouses and prostitutes used to walk around the circle to pick up their gentlemen. It's a bit different now, thankfully. So to while away the time on the tour that was comprised of 60-year-olds and us, I took lots of pictures.

Logan Circle-12

Logan Circle-17
I figured I should have at least one somewhat full picture of the circle itself, or at least the statue in the middle of it.

Logan Circle-19

Logan Circle-30

Logan Circle-32

Logan Circle-34

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