Monday, January 5, 2009

Franklin Square

Our walking tour of Logan Circle actually started out in Franklin Square, but I thought those pictures deserved a post of their own. A few interesting tidbits about Franklin Square - it's the only park (or nearly only park, I can't remember) in DC that isn't bordered by a street named after a state and the statue below is not of anyone named Franklin, but instead some Irish admiral or something.

Logan Circle-1

Logan Circle-3
The Franklin School is what the square is actually named after, but it is no longer a school. It is currently a homeless shelter, but I believe it is getting phased out shortly, and will once again just sit empty.

Logan Circle-2
I will be greatly indebted to anyone who can tell me why there is a period after the name. If the need to punctuate is that great, I would think it would deserve an exclamation point, myself.

Logan Circle-7

Logan Circle-8
This is the exterior of the Shriner's Temple on K Street. The entire block was redeveloped at one point (I don't remember when), but the facade of the Temple was either kept intact or redone. (I know, it would be helpful if I could actually remember some of this stuff, but it was like 5 months ago).

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