Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One of Many Back Burner Projects

So I've lived in DC for two years now. For a large portion of that time I have had a project in mind, but it just never seems to get done, and instead grows in size. It all started because I lived in Adams Morgan. Every day I would walk by the Marilyn Monroe mural on my way to the metro and I loved it. Two others soon joined the list - the Madam's Organ mural and the Sombrero Man on 18th street. The first variation of my project was merely to take a nice picture of each and blow them up and hang them on the wall. For various reasons, I somehow managed to never fully accomplish this, be it I never had my camera with me, it was winter and crappy looking, and so on. I finally have 3 pictures that I like, but they still aren't printed and framed.

The project continued to grow, despite my lack of work on it. I next decided I wanted to do a coffee table book of DC murals. I do have a slowly growing collection of mural photos, and every now and then I do a burst of research and add to my list of murals, but it's very far from completion. By the time I move away, maybe it will be done.

My favorite picture of 18th Street.

Madam's Organ

Sombrero Man

Marilyn Monroe


The closest I've come to achieving the first step of my project - a photo collage of Marilyn at night.

DC Apt No 2-25
This print was my Christmas present last year - I love this artist, Joseph Harrison Snyder , who does these amazing watercolors of DC scenery. This one is of 18th Street, so I guess I have to get a Logan Circle one now.

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Melanie said...

such phenomenal pictures... LOVE the collage!

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