Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are you my mother? No, I'm a brush.

So I came across this article today about orphaned hedge hogs, and I just had to pass it along. Apparently they think the brush is their mother, because it smells like the ground and it's prickly.

(Photo from Mail Online)

Back when I was determined to get around the no pets clause in my old lease, I had decided that anything under 5" didn't really qualify as a pet. That limits my options, and I had to do a lot of research as to what qualified under my new rules. Turtles require too much space, and anyways, if they are smaller than 4" are illegal due to federal regulations (blame salmonella outbreaks due to children putting them in their mouths - gross). The local PetSmart didn't have any of the cute guinea pigs that have the hair sticking out in all different directions, and I almost decided mice and rats where somewhat acceptable, but I couldn't do it.

And then I stumbled upon hedgehogs. They are the most adorable little things ever and so much fun, but after a little research I find they are banned in 9 states and cities. Oh yes, DC has decided it's illegal to own a hedgehog. I guess they are worried about them getting out and becoming rodents, essentially, but I think that's not really of much concern when car-sized rats roam the streets, but I digress. So after much internal conflict, I decided I could only bend one rule, and having an illegal hedgehog as an illegal pet in my apartment was just too much. But someday, when I leave this fine city, you better believe I'm getting a hedgehog.

Just to finish the story, I finally settled on getting 6 fish and 2 ghost shrimps. After spending about 3 hours in Petsmart picking them out, boyfriend and I walked them the mile home snuggle up in my coat, because it was cold. Some girl walking past thought it was a dog, it was great. The 2 ghost shrimps were named Sam, there were 3 silver fish that were Tom, 2 catfish named Carl, and a Chinese algae eater that I can't remember what I named. They lasted for a little while, but they slowly passed on. I was pet-less for a while, but then I discovered sea monkeys. Oh, the sea monkeys. My experiences in sea monkeys were many, and needless to say, I no longer have any sea monkeys. (All 10,000 of them were named Herbert Hoover, though).

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