Friday, February 6, 2009

Being Snoopy

So every now and then I google my address, just to see if any of the condos are for sale. They have been maintaining a steady 200k price tag over the past year or so, which surprises me, but it's definitely cheap for the neighborhood. I also just like to see how other people's apartments look in my building, as I admit I am a snoop. Usually the listings just have a generic picture of the outside of the building and maybe the rooftop pool, so that doesn't help me, but I hit the jackpot today. Here is a side-by-side comparison of what my apartment looks like next to one a floor below. It is the exact same floorplan, just mirrored in both directions (it's across the hall and in a different location along the hallway).

Entrance / Bedroom Area

The other apartment

My apartment prior to moving in all my stuff

The way I first set it up

A comparable shot of how my apartment is currently set up

Living Room Area

The other apartment

The way I first set it up

The current arrangement of my apartment

Living Room Wall / My Dining Room

The other apartment

The first set-up in my apartment

The current set-up in my apartment


The other apartment - apparently I'm not the only one plagued with a pink bathroom

DC Apt No 2-21
My bathroom

Living Room / Looking into Kitchen

The other apartment

My first-set up

DC Apt No 2-22

My current set-up of the apartment


The other apartment

My first set-up of the kitchen corner

My current set-up of this kitchen corner

The other apartment

My current set-up of the kitchen

So there you have it folks, the arrangements of another apartment in my building and two ways I've set up my apartment. In case you're wondering, I'm getting re-arranging fever, as my apartment has been approximately the same for the past six months. :)

(All photos of the other apartment courtesy of

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Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

This is one of my favorite things about living in a small development (about 8 homes built at the same time). When meeting my neighbors, I've actually had the chance to check out the different ways that they lay out their spaces and come up with ideas for mine :).

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