Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boyfriend's Room gets a Facelift Part 2

I couldn't start entirely from scratch, but it was good to have a framework to start with. Boyfriend came up with the general idea of how he wanted his room to function, which included benches in the window area and a workbench for all his woodworking/electronics/metal projects (he's an engineer and loves to tinker).

Also, boyfriend has traveled to Africa several times, so most of his artwork/decorations have come from there. Based on this, I came up with a new layout and a scheme for displaying his artwork, a lot of which was just laying around on the floor because he never got around to hanging it. The tough thing is editing the collection down to a cohesive collection that doesn't overwhelm the wall space. Most of the walls are cut up by doors and windows, and one wall will pretty much be taken up with a pegboard over the workbench, so our only big wall space is over the bed.

Trying to decide what goes where




My other big task is to put my amazing craigslist searching skills to use and find him a rug, a small computer desk to replace the monster he currently has, and two end tables (currently he's using a filing cabinet and an old end table that needs to go). Today I've managed to unearth a rug that we will be looking at on Tuesday. If it is too orange, it may end up in my apartment. :)

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