Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boyfriend's Room Gets a Facelift

So one of the reasons I've been MIA lately is that I have been helping boyfriend completely redo his bedroom. He lives in a rowhouse and has the master bedroom, so it's just about the size of my apartment. After all of his hard work helping me with my apartment, I told him I would help him with his, but we've been trying for months now and keep stalling. The plan was to clean up and organize/get rid of all of his stuff (massive undertaking - he's a hoarder), deep clean his room, rearrange the furniture and then decorate. We've gotten to the deep clean stage several times and then stop, and it just went back to the beginning. So last week we said, no more, and pledged to work until at least the furniture was rearranged. We're basically at the decorating stage, and Saturday plan to wrap things up. I'll give you an idea of the massiveness of the project by showing you the before pictures for starters.








Stay tuned for the reveal of the new room!

1 comment:

Melanie Spring said...

Eek! Why are boys rooms always so messy?! Is it part of their chemical makeup that causes them to never clean up after themselves?! Your guy is a relatively spiffy guy... what gives?!

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