Monday, February 23, 2009

Boyfriend's Room Gets a Facelift Part 4

So I had no idea this whole refreshing of Boyfriend's room would take so long, which brings me to conclusion #1 - Boyfriend and I have different work styles. I like to just plunge in, get everything done, and it may not be perfect, but stuff can be adjusted later. Boyfriend, on the other hand, thinks long and hard about each decision, and things come out right the first time. So, needless to say, we did not finish up the room on Saturday.

The morning was spent shopping for a small desk, picture frames, and picture hanging hardware. We came home with picture hanging hardware, and had a desk option we were thinking about at Target. The next large chunk of the day was trying to coordinate an end table pick-up, as Boyfriend decided he liked one of the Craigslist options I had picked out, rather than wait for me to collect enough tin can lids (I currently have 5 lids, and yes, I did indeed look in the recycle bin in the trash room of my building). He bought 2 of these stools, which he is planning on adding a hard top to, instead of the soft upholstered top.

Side note: If anyone wants to send me their tin can lids, that would be awesome.

By the time we actually got to work in the room itself, a large chunk of the day had passed, but we did manage to get some more artwork hung. At about 8 pm, we decided we should go back to Target and get the computer desk that was a decent option, but not exactly the most stylish. We passed someone else with the desk in their cart, and smiled. That is, we smiled until we got to the aisle and there were no longer any more of the desk. Luckily, I was able to spot one hidden down on another shelf, so we carried our treasure home.

After following the directions carefully and assembling the whole thing, we discover the picture and dimensions are misleading, as the keyboard tray doesn't fit a keyboard and a mouse, unless you have like the smallest possible keyboard you could possibly buy. At this point, I came to conclusion #1, so I let Boyfriend figure out what he wanted to do, rather than rush him into anything. He decided it just wouldn't work, so we then disassembled the desk and took it back to Target. Current plans are to buy a normal table and modify it to become a desk, or to possibly incorporate it into the workbench itself, making an L-shape. Things are really starting to come together, so stay tuned for the next update.

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