Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I promise I will stop posting about the Pepsi ads when they stop running them

I really can't help it that Pepsi has essentially bought the DC transit system, so you'll just have to put up with it. Today I was walking to the metro, and I saw a bus with this ad on the side:

(Image courtesy of Pepsi -

Obviously I recognized that it was a Pepsi ad, but I was really confused as to what it was trying to say. I sounded it out out loud - Pt im ismmmm? What does that mean? Are they trying to just make a random sound? Ah, that was when I realized the O in front. Somehow this ad didn't quite translate as well in my head as the ones with the O in the middle. Am I the only stupid person here, or did you see optimism when you first looked at it as well?


huisj said...

I'm a pessimist but even I saw optimismmm. Maybe that's because today is the first day of spring training games, so the torture of the baseball-less winter is almost over.

Laura said...

I guess I just need to get my eyes checked then. Either that, or blame it on the fact I'm not a morning person, and can't be expected to be observant at that hour of the day. Speaking of baseball, my bat has been languishing in my closet for about 2 years now - I should bring it back this summer and make everyone "play baseball" with me. :)

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