Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boyfriend's Room Gets a Facelift Part 5

So I figured I should update everyone, rather than just leave it hanging as to what all is going on in the Boyfriend's room. My part is pretty much done, as we've hung most of the artwork, purchased the end tables and rug that I picked out and moved everything around. The current list of things to do is:

1) buy big frames, pick out photos to put in current little frames, and finish hanging all the artwork
2) build the workbench/desk
3) dismantle current desk and put everything away in its new home
4) build the benches to go in the alcove (this one probably won't happen for a few months at least)

As you can see, most of those are issues that Boyfriend has to deal with, because despite my skill with a handsaw, I haven't quite graduated to power tools yet. I've owned a cordless drill for about a year now, and haven't personally used it once. But it's handier than Boyfriend having to haul his down every time he has to use a drill.

So anyway, it will probably be a while before I can actually post the final after pictures, but stay tuned in the not so near future for them.

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