Monday, March 2, 2009

Massive Winter Weather Alert!!!

That is what any forecast for over 0.0001" of snow is called in DC. Which, despite the fact it was like 75 degrees a couple of days ago, we now have. Rather, we have about 5" of snow. Which is quite pretty actually and I'm not too sad, despite the fact it causes for massive commute disruption. You would think relying on my feet and an underground train to get me to work wouldn't be a problem with snow, but no. Everyone who normally relies on their personal 4 wheels to get them to work decided to take the Metro in, leading to me not getting a seat.

Oh well, whatever, that's not the worst part of the snowstorm. The worst part is that I was at Target with boyfriend last weekend, and I happened upon saucer sleds that were on clearance for $1.46. As anyone who has lived in a remotely snowy region can tell you, saucer sleds are the best. They are the ultimate sledding experience. Despite the fact I ran into too many trees to count as a child, I still love them. Flash forward to last weekend, when it appeared spring was on the horizon. Boyfriend kindly talked me out of buying what would only be a ridiculous purchase that I would have to store in my tiny apartment, as there was no way I would ever use a sled in DC. After regretting not following my instincts and purchasing something that would bring me great joy, I may be making a run to Target after work and then locating the closest hill. :)

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