Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Project Number 2,345,583 and Counting...

So it's not really project number 2,345,583, but the list is getting rather long. I had been wanting to get a chair for my bathroom/dressing room for a while now. Despite the fact that most pictures I show on my blog of my apartment are quite neat and clean, this isn't necessarily the natural state of my apartment. The second law of thermodynamics rules in my apartment, unfortunately, with entropy tending to increase exponentially. Due to my nature of indecisiveness, I typically wind up with a large pile of clothes on the bathroom floor every morning, and I know I will never change, so a chair to put them on is the best solution for me.

Boyfriend and I made a Goodwill run a couple of weekends ago in an attempt to clear out some random stuff no longer needed. This is an admirable effort, but I always end up bring home stuff any time I go to Goodwill. On this particular trip, I ran across a cute little wooden folding chair for $10, which I couldn't resist. You may have looked at the pictures already and noticed that the chair is not a cute little wooden folding chair. Well, we brought all our goodies back to boyfriend's house first, and lo and behold, boyfriend's neighbors had some chairs out in front of their house for free. I cannot resist free things. So despite the fact they were hideous, I felt the need to take one of the chairs home with me, or rather to boyfriend's house.

I set up my cute little wooden chair up in boyfriend's room when we were redecorating, which turned out to be a mistake, as now he is attached and won't let it go away. So ugly chair for the bathroom it is. The current plan is to lacquer it white, as boyfriend has been wanting to lacquer something for a while now, and then to reupholster it, and add an upholstered back as well. I haven't gone material shopping yet, but I was thinking a white background with the reddish-coral color in the curtains as polka dots. It may be a bit much, but hey, I have a pink bathroom. Might as well go big.

Its natural state

The ugliness waiting to be transformed

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