Friday, March 27, 2009

To Cut or Not To Cut?

I've always thought that longer hair makes me look younger. Seeing as how I'm still young, and not quite to the point where I need to look younger, I'm debating cutting it all off. I've actually managed to grow my hair out pretty long for me, but I'm getting sick of it, not to mention it pretty much ends up in pig tails every day . Here's where you come in. I've actually learned how to add a survey to my blog, so I'm using my new-found technological skills to ask for your feedback.

Current Long Hair (for me at least)

Current Long Hair in Pig Tails (typical hairdo)

The Short Version (note - I've decided never to go blond again, just in case you were wondering)


Edit: So my new-found technological skills don't extend to showing the survey results in the post, so here goes. I've had two responses so far, and despite the fact it doesn't tell me who said what, it's quite obvious.

Huisj - cover with a sox hat
Boyfriend - You look lovely both ways!

I knew I shouldn't have put the "other" option on there...not helpful guys! :)

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