Thursday, April 9, 2009

Glitter Your Way Out of the Recession

I love Martha, I really do. Back in the dorms, the girls called me Martha Stewart. But sometimes, I just have to laugh at her. My personal favorite quote comes from Top Chef, when she was a guest judge for the Quick Fire challenge, and someone made scallops. She said, moderately paraphrased, "Now is the perfect time for scallops. We go diving for these in Maine every year." Seriously, Martha, diving for scallops? Somehow I don't see that.

But I digress. I was reading my Washington Post headlines that I get emailed to me everyday, and come across this little gem of an article teaser - "Martha Stewart has a plan for how everyone can endure the economic crisis: by glittering, embossing and beading." It made a little more sense on reading the article, as her reasoning is that "People are staying home and enjoying it by crafting and beautifying their home with decorating and cooking. They can't afford to travel, but they can afford a [$23] glitter kit." I still had to laugh though....only Martha would think of glitter as a solution to a financial crisis.

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