Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Austin Through the Eyes of Anthropologie

So I've been super hectic lately, with work being very busy and my life being very busy, so I apologize for the lack of posts in the near distant past. I was actually looking at one of my memory cards this weekend and I found some pictures I meant to post a while ago, but I forgot about. Back in June, I received my Anthropologie catalog in the mail and I eagerly flipped it open, as I love their styling. Lo and behold, my beloved Austin popped out at me! Anthropologie hit the road and took some pictures of some familiar and not-so-familiar places.

I have no idea where this is and I'm assuming it's some kind of set, but it's cool.

I miss the Alamo Draft House. :(

In my head, I totally recognize this sign, but I can't remember what it is. Any Austinites know?

Jo's is a great place to grab breakfast down in SoCo.

Somehow you would think I would remember a hamburger place with a giant girl on the roof, but I do not. Has anyone ever seen this?

Not sure where this one is either, but I like the sign.

Visitors Center on 6th St (I believe that's where it is, at least)

The Continental Club

South Congress Ave and Elizabeth St

So there you have it folks, Austin through the eyes of Anthropologie. If you're curious as to what my view of Austin was, it can pretty much be summed up in one picture - good ol' ECJ.


(All photos except the last courtesy of Anthropologie)


huisj said...

Your view of Austin still seems more interesting than my view of East Lansing.

Laura said...

Oh don't worry, my office was down in the basement, so it wasn't like I got to see daylight or anything.

huisj said...

Ok. I do have a window, but it doesn't open. Our building has a cornfield on one side and hazmat truck parking on the other side (the truck is what's outside my window).

Bromeliad said...

Never been to Austin, but it looks cool

Laura said...

Bromeliad - you should definitely check it out sometime, I love it there! I'm heading back in October for the Austin City Limits music festival and I can't wait.

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