Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Do I Look?

So, as you all probably know, I've been working hard on getting my etsy shops up and running. My photography shop is going well, although I plan on tweaking it a bit this weekend. My shop for bags, jewelry and accessories is taking a little longer to get off the ground, and it doesn't help matters that I managed to completely break my sewing machine the other night. Hopefully my mechanically-inclined boyfriend will be able to remedy that, but we'll see. So for the time being, I'm working on the appearance of my shops. What do you think of my two banners below?

ViewFound Photography is a portion of a photo I have for sale, and it seems to be my most popular photo so far, so I think it did well.

Totables is a close-up of one of my purses that I actually have completed, with a suede pin attached. I'm not sure if it's clear enough what it is, or if I should zoom out on it. What do you think?

Boyfriend got a lot of photo lighting equipment for his birthday last week, so we had a mini-photo shoot last night with the few bags that I have currently completed. Stay tuned for these!

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