Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm in business and I have the cards to prove it

I got my sample business cards in the mail yesterday from Moo, and they look pretty fantastic, if I say so myself. Do you like the design? They also have the option of having different photos on the back of the cards, while the front stays the same. I thought it was a bit more professional to have the front and back match, and I think this is my signature photo, so I just got them all the same. What do you think is best?


bushwoman said...

whoa whoa whoa

what are these business cards in response to? Your etsy sites? then okay, if something else then not okay.

I like them although I recently fell in love with semi transparent business cards...

i do, however, not approve of your name being there for cyberspace to're going to get hatemail~

Laura said...

I have never seen semi-transparent business cards, but I get the feeling they would be pricey. Cool, though.

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