Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Purple Fringe

And my etsy businesses are off to a good start! My first sale was this week - thanks Jeff!

I've put a few more photos up on ViewFound Photography which I took on my last trip to the US Botanic Garden. I have no idea what these flowers are and I looked high and low for a tag, but no luck. I emailed the Garden today to see if they will help me, but who knows if I'll hear back. For now, I'll just enjoy the pictures. :)

Purple Fringe No. 1 - Matted 5 x 5 Fine Art Photo

Purple Fringe No. 2 - Matted 5x5 Fine Art Photo


Bromeliad said...

Whatever they are, they look cool.

Laura said...

Yeah, aren't they amazing? They look almost fake to me, they are so cool.

Jeff L. said...

They look like they're made out of yarn and felt. I think the people on Etsy will love them! haha

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