Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And I'm Back, Not to Mention Pink Poodles Actually Exist

So my vacation was way too short, but it was a good time. Despite the fact it rained at the cottage and we had to play games inside all day, instead of playing on the water outside, it was great to see all my friends and family. I had a few ideas about blog posts this morning, but then I happened to run across this photo on Habitually Chic:

Now, you may not know this, but when I was little, I was obsessed with the color pink. Really obsessed. My bedroom was pepto bismol pink. And, since I like to plan out every aspect of my life, I had a plan for my future that contained a lot of pink. I was going to live in a pink house, with pink furnishings, and I was going to have a poodle and dye it pink. So there you go, it's my dream dog.


Mike Licht said...

The pink poodle has become a symbol of the Macon GA cherry blossom festival.


Laura said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

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