Thursday, August 20, 2009

Breaking All the Rules - Wearing the Short Pants

So, all the fashion rules say short people shouldn't wear short pants or capris. I've been a big fan of the capris for a while, blinding flying in the face of the fashion gurus, but I've avoided the short pant (i.e., just above the ankle). This week I wore two pairs of short pants, and I love it! It gives me a chance to show off my shoes, while still not freezing in the refrigerator that is my cubicle.

What are your thoughts on short pants? And do they look better with heels or flats?

(Image courtesy of, aren't those sandals adorable?)


Sarah Rock said...

I tried on a pair of ankle length workout pants at the gap this week. they were seriously on sale.. but I just couldn't live with the idea of running shoes and ankle pants.

I don't have any pairs-- but I like what I've seen with sandals and flats.

P.S. Hope things are going well in DC-- I haven't made it up there yet-- but i'm thinking labor day weekend. Do you have big plans??

McLaura said...

Yeah, I think running shoes and ankle pants = not so much. That would be great if you could make it up - I have absolutely no plans for Labor Day weekend! Also, I'm going to buy my plane ticket to head out to Seattle shortly too... :)

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