Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guardians of DC

So I've been horrible lax lately in blogging, but I promise I'll be better! :) I decided to go through some pictures I took earlier this summer that I still haven't sorted, and I ran across one of my favorite subjects - lions. I normally don't wander around the Capitol building that much, as I like to distance myself from the tourists, but I happened by the statue by the reflecting pond in front of it, and got to see this statue for the first time up close.



I just never happened to notice there were lions on it, but they turned out to be difficult to get a good shot of, as the structure is so tall.



I liked how regal these particular lions were, rather than the typical sleeping or roaring lion statues.

And the actual subject of the statue, whoever he may be:


According to statue myth, he died of natural causes, as all four legs of his horse are on the ground.

The statue next to the lions/unknown man was also pretty cool, so I got a couple of shots of it as well.



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