Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dining Dilemma

My design brain has been turned off, it seems. Due to some recent rearranging of furniture and transporting a love seat to boyfriend's house, my apartment is ripe for a reinvention, but I just can't seem to make it work in my head. Case in point - my dining "room". Before, it looked like this:


That was, until a week or so ago, when a friend was leaning on the table to examine my tree frogs, who now live on the table. Turns out, drywall gets a little moist due to humidity, and down came tumbling the table. The wall was really soft, so now I'm afraid to put it back up, so I'm searching for a new table. I've been angling for my parents' dining table for a while now, but I've finally accepted it just won't fit in my apartment. I wouldn't mind taking the opportunity to upgrade a bit, and get something with leaves, or at least that can fit four people for entertaining, but it's hard to find anything on a budget.

I found this beautiful table on Overstock.com, but it's a bit more than I would like to spend.

I can always go the Ikea route, and I picked on this one from there, but I'm not sure I love it:
Browsing around a little more, I came up with this one, but it's again maybe a little more than I want to spend:
So as you can see, I have no clear idea in my head what I want to do, and I should probably figure it out soon, so if you have any ideas, let me know!

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