Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Froggie Update

So I mentioned last week that I have recently acquired three tadpoles. I had found a nifty container to bring them home in at the dollar store, and they seemed to be quite happy in it at home as well, as you can see below.



The appearance of legs!

Well, Sunday boyfriend and I went to change the water in the container, and flipping open the top revealed a little baby frog, holding on upside down! Yes, it turns out I have adopted tree frogs. As it was getting to be very obvious that they needed a new home and some live food in the form of mealworms, boyfriend and I spent a couple of hours at the Petco last night, deciding how to set up my terrarium.

So far, two of three have become frogs and the third tadpole has sprouted back legs. The terrarium will be overhauled next week as well, as I will get a waterpump and make a waterfall for them. The frogs were a little terrified of having so much space I think, after hanging around upside down in the other container, so they stayed away from the plant for a while and instead just clung to the glass. They eventually realized it's much nicer to chill on a leaf, and so now that is their favorite place to be. Boyfriend has christened the two frogs Lewis and Clark, and the more adventurous one is Lewis.

The pictures aren't great, as the lighting isn't super in my apartment in the morning, but I will post better ones later.




This one is hard to see, but their second favorite place to hang out is right on the lip of the bowl.


bushwoman said...

the fact that they are tree frogs makes me happy~

is the third one Sacagawea???

i like their names if this is so

Laura said...

Unfortunately, the third one no longer is....he didn't make it through the vacation and I didn't name him yet because he wasn't a frog yet. But I don't think he would have been Sacagawea anyway. :)

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