Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm officially a nerd

So, I've been blaming frog mania on boyfriend for a while now, but it turns out I have to admit that I'm a little nerdy myself. We went to the Mid-Atlantic Reptile and Amphibian show in Baltimore on Saturday and spent 5 hours looking at various plants and sticks and stuff for the terrarium, and then finally broke down at the end and boyfriend bought two frogs and I bought one. He's been wanting to get poison dart frogs, so he got two yellow and black ones, who are currently living at my house until their terrarium is set up. I got what I was told was a peacock tree frog, but we don't think that is what he actually is. After a bunch of research, we think he's related to the peacock, but is most likely something else. We found one picture that matches him perfectly on the internet, but unfortunately the website was entirely in polish. The important thing though, was that he will only get to be 3-4 cm, or about 1.5". At one point, I was convinced he was a giant white-lipped tree frog, who grow to be 5" long, and that worried me a bit. But anyways, here are a few pictures of my babies.

My mystery frog - Leo

One of my original Grey tree frogs - Clark. They are chameleon-like and this is his "rock covered in lichens" look. The other one, Lewis, is a little bit younger and doesn't have the full markings on his back yet.


Bushwoman said...

I like them. I like them a lot. They make me want to buy hermit crabs (which I have secretly wanted since 2004).

McLaura said...

I'm not sure why my owning frogs makes you want to own hermit crabs. Hermit crabs are kinda boring anyway, you should totally get frogs. :)

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