Friday, September 18, 2009

You Wove Your Way Into my Heart

So back when I first aquired my beautiful camera, I wanted to accessorize it with a really cool woven tapestry camera strap. Turns out, no one really makes them anymore, so after searching for awhile and not coming up with anything good, I kinda let it go. Boyfriend doesn't approve of the fact I go around with my current camera strap with it's blazing yellow NIKON all over it, as he thinks it's a sign that says "STEAL ME".

So later I came up with the idea to use this trim that I have and just sew it over my current strap. It is currently the strap on a purse that I quickly made the day before I left for Botswana, as I felt I didn't have an appropriate bag for traipsing around Africa. So this is option number 1, as seen below.

The Bag

The Trim

The Trim

So, I had kinda forgotten about the strap, until today when I browsing around on Etsy and came across a couple of great options on Boneca Linda:

So now I'm in a quandry about which one I want, so I'll make you decide! Let me know which one is your favorite.

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