Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Up In the Air

So, despite the fact I'm finally moving to an apartment with a bedroom, I'm contemplating a bed loft. This is because I can't quite figure out a way to fit in a work area, which is necessary for all my crocheting, sewing, and whatever supplies and projects. As I have 10' ceilings in the new place, I'm thinking it will be about 5' or 6', so the bed isn't all up in the ceiling. Thinking about different options today, I came up with the idea of a suspended loft, to minimize the college dorm room aspect of it. Boyfriend hasn't chimed in yet as to his opinion as to the stability of this idea though, so it might not be feasible. What do you think?

(Pictures courtesy of 1: Boston Lofts, 2-4: Zack Anderson, 5: Apartment Therapy)

1 comment:

Bromeliad said...

I would be afraid of falling out of it at night.

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