Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plan A - Vetoed, Moving on to Plan B

So boyfriend put the kabash on the whole suspended loft idea, as he doesn't think I should make major holes in the ceiling of a brand new apartment. Sad - he has no vision. Just kidding, he's right, I probably shouldn't do that. But anyway, just to get it out of my system, here are a few more lovely suspended lofts.

This one is my very favorite I think - I love how airy it all looks.

Another very airy looking loft - although the metal would make it harder to replicate.

And yes, this is definitely a kids loft, but they had really good instructions on how to build it, and it can totally be modified to be more grown up. I was thinking the railing would have to be taken away, but then I realized how likely I am to fall out of bed. Railing = Necessity.

As I hate the typical 4x4 post look of most lofts (too college dorm like), my new plan is to come up with a way to disguise them. Boyfriend talked me out of buying some columns on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago, and in the process told how they used to make fake columns out of cardboard concrete forms back when he was working as a theater tech guy. My thought is to cut a slit down one side and wrap it around the post, and then patch it back up and maybe do some kind of faux finish on it. Any other ideas?

(Photos courtesy of - 1: Gregory Lee, 2: Shalomama, 3: fivelbbass via Bob Vila)


Bromeliad said...

Murphy bed?

Little tiny bed and a big fat armoire for crafty stuff?

Alexis L. of One Grand Home said...

Gah. Don't you just hate it when a dream dies, even if for the most reasonable of reasons?

McLaura said...

Bromeliad - I've actually thought about the Murphy bed, but then it has to fold down somewhere and I don't have a ton of floor space even. Boyfriend and I have worked out a plan we both agree to, after quite a bit of debate, so stay tuned for that.

Alexis - It's a terrible feeling to let go of a dream, but don't worry, maybe someday when I actually own the space I call home I will do a suspended loft. :)

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