Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Laura's Adventures in Moving

So the big move has been accomplished. Well, sorta. Still tying up loose ends (see post on the cable company.) Of course I decided to move on a day with wind gusts up to 49 mph, which made it great fun. But after 4 truckloads and 3 carloads (I have no idea how I fit all my stuff in a studio apartment, but I will be doing some paring down), my new apartment is full to the brim of boxes and random things strewn all over the place.

Sunday I had to go back and finish up some cleaning and wall-patching odds and ends and hand over the keys. As much as I love my new place, I did really like the old apartment, so it's sad in a way. I've always found it fun and exciting to move, just because I like change a lot, but this time is was really hard. I think mostly because my life is just super hectic at the moment and I had to fit in packing and dealing with moving at the same time as going home for Christmas for a week and working 60 hour weeks (at least), but at least the moving and the going home part are over for now.

So now I'm in the stage where all of my worldly possessions are strewn over my new apartment and I can't find anything, and there are boxes everywhere, and it's just generally chaos. To top it all off, somehow the top managed to come off of Lewis and Clark's terrarium my first night in the new place, and I managed to find Lewis in the morning, but Clark is lost in the wild that is my new apartment. It was a rough morning. I have torn apart everything I possibly could to find him, but I am afraid he is gone for good. RIP, my beautiful baby frog.


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