Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finding My Way Around Storage

Two for one Tuesday! Oh wait, it's Wednesday. Oh well, here is another random project that I had finished a while ago. I've posted before about my design dilemmas when it comes to my bathroom, and unfortunately I'm no further along now. But back when I was thinking about making it transportation-themed, to fit with the Metro map shower curtain, I saw on the internet some baskets made out of newspaper. This got my little brain a chugging, and I finally came up with a purpose for all the maps that I've been hoarding. Everyone has their thing they can't get rid of, and for me, it's maps. I either think that I will at some point use it again, or I just like to have it as a souvenir. But the fact of the matter is, they usually end up taking up space in a drawer somewhere. So about 10 maps later, I now have a map basket!



And yes, the edge is a little crooked, but for a first try, not so bad, I think. I modpodged the crap out of it, so it's holding up pretty well in the bathroom.


Sarah Rock said...

that's the second time you've used maps to make something awesome ;)

McLaura said...

Haha - that's right! But that time it was all your inspiration. :)

DC said...

that should be with you at all times if you plan on NEVER getting lost :)

McLaura said...

Haha - only if I'm in Virginia, Grand Rapids, Austin, Michigan, Vieques, PR, the Southwest states, or the sand dune filtration system south of Amsterdam.

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