Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Fridays - Leaping Forward with Twins of a Gazelle

So I've been super busy lately, but I'm coming out of my internet hiding with a splash to fill you in on what you should be doing tomorrow night. Last month I got the chance to go the the first First Fridays show of Twins of a Gazelle, with the vocals and guitar provided by my friend David-Craig, along with Noah on the cello, Emily Chimiak on the violin, Arthur Harrison playing the theremin (really amazing instrument, I was fascinated), and Christina on the viola.

It was a great intimate acoustic show, mixing mellow, soothing sounds with some great foot-tapping melodies that I, at least, couldn't sit still to. The link above is to one of their songs, so definitely take a listen and see for yourself.

And I say all this to announce what everyone in DC should be doing tomorrow night, namely, attending the second First Fridays show! This month The Echo Wall will be joining Twins of a Gazelle, along with a painting raffle from Emily, who has incredible work. I've got my fingers crossed to win this time! All of the details are on the poster below as well as on Facebook:

So despite the fact I brought my camera and took lots of pictures, they are currently on my computer at home and I haven't even looked through them yet. So here are some fantastic photos taken by M.V. Jantzen:

So come on down to Mid City Caffe (1626 14th Street Northwest) at 7 p.m. tomorrow night! I hope to see you there!


DC said...

Awesome Review :)

blegit said...

Twins is great! Would love to see one or two more musicians in the lineup to give it a more full sound!

DC said...

thanks blegit! if you would like a free 3 song demo they should be up at tom (our web designer) is taking care of that today....i think. anyways...thanks!

Emily Z said...

Missed the last show but hope to catch the next one..amazing band. Thanks for the great review!

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