Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Have a Donut!

So the other day I said something about how you eat donuts on Fat Tuesday, and boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy. I couldn't remember the name of the specific donut you're supposed to eat, but I eventually remembered it's a polish thing, so that's why he had no idea. My main connection to my polish heritage is through food, and I love sweet things, so you better believe this is a tradition I wanted to remember. So I perused wikipedia this morning to figure out exactly what I remembered eating. Turns out they are called Packzki and are actually eaten on fat Thursday in Poland, and on fat Tuesday by American Polish people. Hamtramck, a town enclosed by Detroit with a huge polish population, is where my Grandmother grew up, and is the only U.S. city to hold a Paczki day parade. Either on Tuesday or Thursday, they are delicious and it is a tradition that more people should follow. I had forgotten it was fat Tuesday until just now, but I did reward myself with a chocolate croissant for going to the doctor this morning, so I celebrated in my own way.

(photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

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