Monday, March 7, 2011

Yellow - Need I Say More?

So you probably have noticed that the majority of my fashion inspiration comes from the Sartorialist, but that's just because I'm lazy lately and don't read many blogs any more. His is one that I will read though, because it's pretty much just pictures. I do enjoy it when he adds a bit of commentary, as it's always interesting to see what exactly it is that catches someone's eye. This photo was from a post about this blue and yellow combo, which he was seeing all over London. That particular color is one of my current favorites, and I've been adding it into my bedroom, with my sheets and a few baskets. Yellow is always one of my favorites, and is also a key player in my apartment, as anyone who has seen my living room will say. I've always avoided navy in terms of fashion for some reason, sticking with black as my neutral, but every spring I say I'll give it a try. Since I'm deep in spring fever mode, I'll see if I can give it a go this year. And not only do I love the yellow of the bag, but it's just a fantastic bag all around.

(Photo by the Sartorialist)

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