Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Green Plus Somewhere to Sit

I love the color green, especially when I'm craving some springtime. Any shade will do, but bright grass green is my favorite. I would love a kitchen like this.

Also, I love those stools. Recently I went through a bit of a stool search myself, as I decided the stools I had just didn't cut it. My bar is pretty narrow, and essentially in the entryway, which like everything else in my apartment is very small. I had found two of these in black on Craigslist for a steal when I first moved in:

They worked fairly well, but were a little too big and cut off the entryway a bit. I don't have a photo of them in the space, but here is my bar when I was still moving in:


I sold them and set off to Ikea to find a replacement. It took me a little while, but I settled on these bad boys:

As to be expected, I don't have a photo of them in the entryway, but they work fantastically and I'm very happy with them. It is nice to have a back on a stool, but it really makes a big difference visually to not have it.

Photos courtesy of (1: I believe Apartment Therapy, 2 &4: Ikea, 3: Me)

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