Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome to my Home - The Entrance

So I thought that since I took a bunch more photos than the five required for the Small Cool contest, I would share them with you all! Since there are a lot of them, I'm going to break it up and make you wait a bit to see the whole thing.

The floorplan

Come on in! My entryway has a bowl for everything - boyfriend's bowl for stuff he would otherwise leave laying all over the place, sunglasses, keys, quarters for laundry, chapstick, and other change.

On the other side is plenty of room for shoes, jackets, and purses. Boyfriend also has a basket for larger items that need to make their way back to his house. My table runner from Botswana works perfectly to cover up my fuse box.

A close-up of my mini-gallery wall of botanical photos I've taken.

And now we head to the living room. I recently switched one of my bookshelves over to this wall to hold two of my terrariums. I eventually will build a custom shelving unit for them, but for the time being, this works.

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