Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to my Home - The Living Room

Walking past the entryway puts you smack dab in my living room. This room has experienced the most frequent changes over the past year and few months, but I think it's just about there.

The chesterfield loveseat which was an impulse purchase at Goodwill for $35 about 3 years ago. It completely changed my color scheme at the time, but I love it. I do have enough space for a full-sized couch now though, so I've been daydreaming for a while. The rug was a last minute addition that was sitting in Boyfriend's closet, as I accidentally washed my rug and it isn't doing so hot at the moment. I had originally found it for his bedroom in his old house, and talked about stealing it back then, so it finally made it's way to me. The gallery lighting Boyfriend rigged up for about $15 total from a light fixture from Ikea and some supplies from the hardware store (it was originally hard-wired).

The living room is incredibly narrow, and I've tried about every furniture arrangement I can think of, but this is the only way I can get it to work. I do get a good workout every time I try and change it up though. :)

My gallery wall is pretty much complete now. The largest photo is actually a collage of a gingko tree from boyfriend's old street that he made for me, the three mural photos I took in my old neighborhood (Adams Morgan), the two prints with the yellow sky are from my favorite DC artist, Joseph Harrison Snyder, and are also from my old neighborhood, the two graffiti photos I took in Philly, and the top frame holds three pages from an Anthropologie catalog that I saved about 7 years ago or so.

Boyfriend always makes fun of me for having out the wood pieces which are in the corner. They are actually the side rails from my old bed, but I think they look neat. The chairs were a nice $5 apiece I snagged when Boyfriend's office moved. I tried to buy so much more from his office, but Boyfriend wisely held me back. I still regret not buying the like 9' long credenza for $10 though.

When I first moved in I had grand plans to build custom shelves (actually, I still have all the drawings somewhere), but then I happened up three boring white bookshelves on Craigslist for $25 total. Seeing as how I had a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it, I bought them as a temporary solution. They have grown on me, and knowing how long it takes for me to compete projects, I'll just stick with these. I did customize them though, by making canvas doors for the bottoms. Stay tuned for a post on that. The plant stand/end table (of which I have two) is also DIYed. I bought ten ten foot long copper pipes on Craigslist, so I cut it all to size, and boyfriend soldered it together to make these. Stay tuned for more copper in the bedroom. I also have plans to make a copper floor lamp but that hasn't happened yet.

A close-up of some of my treasures. The baskets I brought back from Zambia, Lucy is my dress-maker's form, and I got her at a garage sale in high school for $2, and my wooden clogs came from the Singel Canal Flower Market in Amsterdam (one of my favorite places ever).

Get ready to move to the kitchen!

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Bromeliad said...

Nice rug and love the tufted sofa.

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