Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome to my Home - The Kitchen

My kitchen was a big part of why I liked my new apartment - it was completely new and, wonder of all wonders, included a dishwasher. I love to eat, but I tend to not cook as much as I should, but Boyfriend is a wonderful cook, so he utilizes my kitchen more than I do. :)

This is the one area in the house where there is actually decent storage space. Most of the upper shelves which I can't reach hold non-kitchen related things, like my sports equipment and old tax returns. Because all but about 6 square feet of wall space in the kitchen are covered in cabinets, there aren't a lot of decorating opportunities, but I did try and pull in the yellow, with the rug, tea kettle, and paper towel holder.

I hate the overhead light in the kitchen, which is the only light in the main room. I rarely use it, so I added this sconce light my mom gave me for a little character.

I recently replaced the stools at my counter, as the former stools were much larger, and took up too much of the entryway. I found the plaque above the bedroom door at a thrift store a few months ago, and bought it because I used to have this poster hanging in my dorm room at college and I loved it.


Obligatory vignette

And here is the only actual wall space in the kitchen, which I used to hang some trays I've had for a long time sitting in a box, a clock (I love clocks - I have way too many of them), and my knife strip.

And there you have it - next up, the bathroom!


Bromeliad said...

Love your stools and your sunny colors.

McLaura said...

Thanks! I almost gave up on finding the perfect stools, but I am really happy with these.

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