Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to my Home - The Bathroom

This post is short and sweet, because my bathroom is so incredibly tiny. I tried to inject a little character into it, but not sure it's exactly the way I want it. The one thing I didn't need when I moved into this apartment was a new shower curtain, but I couldn't resist the Metro map curtain when I saw it at BB&B. Needless to say, this threw a wrench in my decorating plans, and I'm still figuring out the details. I had a hard time deciding what color to paint the bathroom, as picking up any of the map colors would make it a bright bathroom indeed. I finally went with a classic turquoise color, which complements the map, I like to think, anyway.

Because there was very little storage in the bathroom, I came up with the idea of shelving on the wall (very original, I know). I found the wide boards for free on Craigslist, painted them white, and bought the white plastic baskets for $1 apiece. It's amazing what a little repetition can do to upgrade a space. I made the map basket on the toilet out of my map stash - more details here. The room is so small that this photo actually is a compilation of two photos.


Trying to fit it all in.


The shower curtain in all its glory. There isn't room for a tub in my bathroom, but I do have a nice-sized shower. It's about 3' x 4'.


I've used these white hook racks for storing my necklaces for at least 4 or 5 years now. I've seen many more stylish solutions, but this is simple and works for me. I keep my rings on my ceramic hand, and my earrings are stored in the little boxes on the shelf. Another staple in every apartment of mine are the over-the-door hooks. There is literally no space for any towel hooks in the bathroom except for the door.


Up next, the final installment - the bedroom!

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