Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Breaking out the sewing machine...

So after my insane attempt to sew a wedding dress last year (which has been sitting crumpled up in a box since I got back from the honeymoon a year ago), I've finally gotten motivated to start sewing clothes again.  I've made a bazillion tote bags since then, but wanted a bit of variety.  The trouble with me is, I can't do anything simply, like use a pattern for instance.  So my first attempt to get back into sewing was to try and duplicate this drapy knit top:

Let's just say it didn't end up well, and is now currently crumpled up in the closet next to the wedding dress.  Luckily it was fabric from the bargain bin, so not too terrible of a loss.

I had also gotten some sheer beige pleated fabric that I wanted to use to create an overlay on very thin knit dress that I had.  Unfortunately I did not buy enough, so I decided to make a skirt instead.  There were some bumps along the way, which involved me cutting out the lining, so it's a bit on the sheer side now, but overall it came out decently, and I've gotten a complement on it already. :)

I have quite the line-up of things to work on, but the two currently in progress are a teal stretch wool pencil skirt (also patternless, but super simple), and a matching ruched top and skirt, which I actually am using a pattern for, but happens to be an advanced pattern, so we'll see how that goes:

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