Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A "Serge" of Productivity - Part 2

The second serging project I completed this weekend was the dress below.  It started out as a super simple project which should have taken no time at all, but as usual morphed into a frustrating project where I kept changing things over and over and over.  You may recognize the fabric as being one of the items from my sewing plan from a few weeks ago, so I am attempting to keep somewhat to the plan. :)

I did my usual self-drafting technique - find something in my closet I like to get the basic shape right and then modify it.  I originally drafted this as a simple shift dress with kimono sleeves with the top half having a one-piece facing to make the neck and sleeve hems simple. After I got it all sewed together though, it was too big and just looked funky to me.  So I proceeded to hack away at the sleeves several times, which was super annoying because of the facing, and I'm still not happy with how the straps came out, but they are functional and don't look terrible.  My first attempt at sizing was overall too big, including the neckline, so I both took in the sides, and added a little gather in the center of the neck.  The one thing I am proud of is the side seam - check out the matching stripes!  

Overall, I think it came out decently, but it wasn't quite what I had in mind originally.  I think it makes me look a little too much like a second grader, especially with the shirt under it.  I'm thinking I might see if there is enough fabric to turn it into a maxi skirt instead, what do you think?

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Nancy said...

I like your stripped T-shirt and I also like your dress.

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