Monday, September 8, 2014

Taking a snooze...

So we've been in our new house for about a month now, and things are slowly starting to look a little settled downstairs, but upstairs is a wreck.  I really want to get our bedroom set up, but there are a few problems in the way.  One, we have these big white cupboards from our old house that I want to retrofit into a wardrobe system, but it will take a bit of work and John has been having back problems off and on since we've moved, so they are literally sitting in pieces around our room.  The second big problem is our bed.  Unfortunately, our stairs are super steep, and the box spring just never made it upstairs, despite removing trim and gouging holes in the plaster (oops!).  That means we have been sleeping on our mattress on the floor in the middle of our room for a month.  Not exactly my cup of tea.

I've been thinking about what I want the room to look like overall, and ran across these photos on Apartment 34 today, and now I want a low simple white bed, but we'll see if I can convince John on that one. :)  What do think, soothing or too simple?

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