Monday, March 9, 2009

I Can't Escape the Travel Bug

So, I told myself I wasn't going on any trips this year, as Botswana totally blew my budget last year. That is, until boyfriend tells me he found tickets to Honduras for $250 roundtrip. So now we are going in a week and a half down to visit his dad for 5 days. Once we bought our tickets though, boyfriend realizes his passport will be expiring soon. Sure enough, they won't let you in within six months of the expiration date. Mild rant - I think that's stupid. Essentially that makes your passport invalid for 6 months that they tell you it's really supposed to be valid. You really should get a six month grace period after your passport expires, is what I think. Anyway, so boyfriend had 2 options. One was to send it away for expedited service and hope they returned it within 2 weeks (we bought the tickets 3 weeks ahead of time). Option number two was just to wait until the 2 week window hit, where he could just go to the passport office and have them do it immediately. Since the passport office is downtown, he went with that option and will get his renewed passport on Wednesday, and will pay less than sending it away.

Second exciting news. I've been saving all my ones and the occasional five dollar bill for a while now, so that I can buy a digital SLR camera. It's been taking a while, but I was about $75 away from my goal when boyfriend mentioned this weekend that maybe I could get the camera. Hmmm....the wheels turn in my head. If I keep saving my dollars and fives, I won't be able to buy it until June. But what's the point of going on a tropical vacation if I can't fully capture it in photographs? So I bit the bullet and ordered my Nikon D40, which will be arriving on Wednesday. :) I'm so excited. It was a bit hard for me to give up my Canon loyalty, but it's pretty much universally accepted by the camera reviewing world that the D40 is the best bang for the buck, and is a great camera. I also like the fact it's not ginormous, like boyfriend's D80. Also, there is the added advantage that I can now steal boyfriend's lenses, since we will both have Nikons.

Funny story about that though. So I ordered the camera Saturday, so Sunday I thought I would go practice with boyfriend's old film SLR camera, so I know what I'm doing once I get my camera. I thought I was doing really well, writing down the settings for each picture, so I would know what they were once I got them developed. After about 3 pictures though, I realized that the film wasn't advancing, and it appeared to be staying on 4. Oh, I realized, that's actually the apeture number. where is the film number? I'm looking all over the camera and then realize that there is no actual film in the camera. Seriously, sometimes I'm a moron.

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