Tuesday, July 7, 2009

C is For....

I am not a fan of monograms. I guess I should actually rephrase that, as I just painted a monogram on my bathroom chair (which is so close to being done). I really am not a fan of monograms on bags. First, it instantly proclaims you shop at L.L. Bean. Not that there's anything wrong with that...well, maybe. Second, it's a little creepy, on my end at least. Let me explain. This morning I was doing my usual walk to the Metro, and I saw a monogrammed bag with CSG on it. My first thought was, ugh, L.L. Bean. My second thought was, I wonder what her name is....Carrie, Caroline, Cheryl, maybe? And then I thought how creepy I am to be wondering what a complete stranger's name is. Seeing as how I like to minimize my creepiness, and I wouldn't want someone wondering what my name is if I had a monogrammed bag, I decided I don't like monograms.


Ashley said...

it could also be from Lands End.

Laura said...

Very true...I'll have to add that to my inner monologue the next time I see a monogrammed something or other.

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